Shoulder the enterprise's social responsibilities, and respect personal interests

Social-responsibility Policy

  • Labor & human rights

    The company upholds a people-oriented concept, respects staff's interests
    doesn't discriminate staffs and refuses forced labor
    doesn't impose corporal punishment on staffs or even maltreat them, respects free association under the law
    doesn't employ child labourer, guarantees that the working time and salary & welfare meet requirements of regulations and continues to improve so as to continuously meet the regulatory requirements

  • Commercial ethics

    Meet requirements of laws and regulations, and participate in public welfare undertakings
    Oppose illegitimate benefits and unfair commercial competition

  • Environment

    Prevent environmental pollution, meet requirements of laws and regulations, not use restricted substances in product, continue to improve

  • Health & safety

    Place safety as top priority, prevent occurrence of safety-production accidents, meet requirements of laws and regulations, continue to improve