About Takashima

Contribute to Society with Intelligent Manufacturing

Takashima Sangyo (Shenzhen) Ltd. is a wholly foreign-owned Japanese enterprise.

■ In April of 1995, Shenzhen Baoan Takashima Precision Products Factory (Enterprises of Three Import and Compensation Trade) was established.
■ In September of 2004, the business outside clock was seperated from Shenzhen Baoan Takashima Precision Products Factory, and Takashima Sangyo (Shenzhen) Ltd. (exclusively foreign-owned enterprise) was incorporated.
■ In September of 2013, Shenzhen Baoan Takashima Precision Products Factory, focusing on spare and accessory parts of clock, was closed down, and its business was incorporated into Takashima Sangyo (Shenzhen) Ltd.

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    Satisfy customer’s expectation
    Contribute to society with intelligient manufacturing

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    Care for the environment
    Hand down from generation to generation

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    Keep alive
    Challenge and progress

Precise hardware parts of clock including adjuster, pusher, and in-built parts, etc.; precision manufacturing of communicating machine, intelligence machine, electronic mechanical appliance, industrial machinery, heavy machinery, optical communication, medical treatment, and various connectors for automobile.

  • Adjuster
    Various general adjusters, toughened water-proof adjusters, and smart-watch adjusters used for wristwatch....
  • Pusher
    Various general pushers and special-shaped pushers (material: SUS 316, TAP 6400, etc.)
  • Electronic connector
    Connectors used in all fields of industrial machine, heavy machinery, vehicle, optical communication, audio, and industrial sensor, etc. with various materials including beryllium copper, phosphor copper, and copper-nickel-zinc alloy, etc.
  • Probe
    The probe in semi-conductor field
  • In-built parts
    Various spare and accessory parts used for clock such as decorative nail, tube and screw tube, movement part
  • Various precision-cutting parts
    Parts used for camera, intelligent wear, mobile phone, and sensor, etc.